Advanz 7UHS-s701 technologically advanced, ultra-high-strength material reduces vehicle weight 40% compared to ultra-high strength, hot-formed steels. Designed for safety-critical structural components in passenger vehicles, the aluminum provides high in-service strength for applications such as A- and B-pillar reinforcements or side-impact door beams. Electric vehicles (EVs) with reduced mass have longer battery range while meeting crash, loading, and overall design requirements.

Company engineers can meet with automakers and suppliers to determine how to incorporate s701 on new development projects.

Advanz 7UHS-s701 allows down- gauging in applications already using aluminum to increase lightweighting. The material’s age-hardened tempers have an indefinite shelf life, providing automakers supply chain flexibility.

The material allows scrap collected from the manufacturing process to be fed into a closed-loop recycling system to reform it into the same products from which it was derived. Customers can maximize product value while minimizing environmental impact through reduced CO2 emissions and transportation costs.

Novelis Inc.