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EV charging connectors

Charx charging inlets enable low- and high-power charging (HPC) of electric vehicles (EVs). The combined charging systems (CCS) inlets allow continuous charging at up to 250A, and temporarily up to 500A and 1,000V, making it possible to charge a vehicle in just a few minutes.

Charx CCS inlets have up to 95mm2 DC cable cross-sections, enabling higher power. Core charging inlet elements improve temperature sensing and connection technology between cables and contacts. Vehicles can regulate the requested charging current dynamically based on the temperature evaluation. Previous generations of CCS inlets weren’t capable of higher power on the vehicle side, because it caused severe overheating.

Inlets are available for Type 1 (North America) and Type 2 (Europe) chargers, designed to the same mounting dimensions. The inlets are manufactured in accordance with IATF 16949 and conform to IEC 62196 and SAE J1772 design standards.

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Commercial truck battery module


Designed for electrified Class 8 commercial vehicles, battery modules integrate Toshiba’s LTO cells with control technology to extend battery life, increase charging rates, and improve safety.

With a 40% improvement to battery cooling, module benefits include:

  • Longer life – Up to 5x cycle life than conventional EV batteries
  • Higher charging rates – Improved heat dissipation for higher charge/ discharge rates, longer sustained power output
  • Speed – Battery can be recharged in less than 8 minutes
  • Safety – Reduced operating temperature allows safer operating environment

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Electric motors

Omni Powertrain Technologies

A series of Magelec electric cartridge motors used for light electric vehicle (EV) applications support traction or auxiliary functions. The LV series includes two models with 2.5kW or 3.7kW continuous power rating. Light, compact motors integrate with planetary or parallel shaft gearboxes to sustain continuous torque ratings up to 7,000N•m. These motors are suitable for 24V to 96V applications, feature an IP67 rating, and can be supplied with various brake and encoder options.

Omni Powertrain Technologies