Cutting, hardening lasers

Stiefelmayer lasers for cutting applications and laser hardening are now available in North America. The lasers feature blue effective energy saving technology. Designed to cut precision shapes in thin substrates, including mild steel, stainless, copper and brass, the lineup also supports motor laminations for electric vehicles (EVs).

German Machine Tools of America (GMTA)

Structural thermoplastics

KyronMAX structural thermoplastic materials incorporate short carbon fiber technology for the strongest moldable polymers available for metal replacement applications. KyronMAX compounds can be used to replace steel in a structural component with tensile strength up to 60,000psi (414MPa). Very complex parts can be injection molded and retain the strength and mechanical performance of metal.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM)

Horizontal machining center

Updates to the BA W06-22 horizontal machining center (HMC) optimize it for the e-mobility market. Newly available HSK 100 spindles accommodate larger tools. Dynamic synchronous motor spindles complement the tool magazine that can hold large tools for machining drive unit stator housing bores for electric vehicles (EVs). Longer X- and Y-axis travels improve flexibility for machining sizable components needed for e-mobility.

Designed for automation, the HMC features two feed drives, each with linear motors, absolute position measuring systems, and drive controllers. Advanced drive units ensure positioning accuracy, even with off-center loaded workpieces.

SW North America Inc.