CMM articulating arms

Ultra-high accuracy 6-axis and 7-axis Freedom portable measuring arms are available with 2.5m to 4.5m measurement volumes. Each of the 10 models (bringing the Freedom line to 34) complements existing Freedom Classic and higher accuracy Freedom Select products. Six-axis models are designed for touch probing, with 7-axis Scan equivalents for multisensor metrology.

Measuring accuracy is up to 8% better than Select products and 43% better than entry-level Classic arms. Tactile probing accuracy is certified to ISO 10360-12. Scan models can use infinite movement with a Nikon Metrology ModelMaker H120 laser scanner.

LK Metrology

5-axis machining center

D2-5AX is a mid-sized, 5-axis machining center equipped with an acceleration/deceleration conveyance system design optimized for minimal cycle times. Its structure allows easy access to robots and automation systems.