Volvo Penta is collaborating with Rosenbauer to develop an electric driveline for the Revolutionary Technology (RT) concept firetruck. With zero exhaust emissions and significantly reduced noise levels, the firetruck boasts ergonomics, functionality, and safety, as well as high loading volumes, compact dimensions, and agility. The RT’s electric driveline is paired with independent suspension and a hydropneumatic chassis. Each axle is powered by an electric motor, and the energy storage system allows for an electricity-powered journey with time for operation at the rescue site. The RT has a backup diesel engine on board for longer operation.

Undergoing intensive testing, the RT will enter real-world customer testing later this year with fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Dubai.;

Thermal imaging, AI improve battery manufacturing

Robotics company Comau has created an in-line testing and quality control system to optimize battery construction and assembly. Designed for industrial-scale battery manufacturing, MI.RA/Thermography uses thermal imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) for non-invasive automated assessment and control of welded joints to ensure battery integrity and prevent waste. Its non-destructive testing (NDT) methodology protects cycle times without changing the existing manufacturing layout.

Battery cells are structurally held and electrically connected by numerous welded joints. High electrical resistance due to poor joint quality can lead to energy loss and heat, creating potential safety issues and reduced efficiency. By automatically assessing before final assembly, MI.RA/Thermography saves manufacturers time and money. The system doesn’t require an additional power source, it’s based on in-line acquisition of thermal images that are immediately pre-processed, cropped, and analyzed via a previously-acquired knowledge-base. After receiving a trigger from the laser welding robot, the system records the cooling phase and performs features-based analysis to assess joint quality.

Eaton names Adams president of eMobility

Eaton has named Scott Adams president of eMobility, responsible for leading the business toward its objectives for top-line revenue growth and profitability.

Adams joined Eaton in 1994 as a project engineering manager and has held numerous positions of increasing scope throughout his 26-year career with the company. Most recently, he was senior vice president, Product Strategy, Sales and Marketing, eMobility, where he was responsible for developing and executing Eaton’s electrification growth strategy.